Sammy Stein is an author, reviewer, columnist and radio show writer. She has written several books and articles on music and has had works published in All About Jazz, Something Else Reviews, Free Jazz Collective and Kind of Jazz. Her magazine contributions include Essentials, Record Collector, The Irish Post, Pianist Magazine and many more. Sammy has also written for several radio shows including the very successful series on Jazz Bites Radio (US) ' Ladies in Jazz' and the 'Single Entities' series. She has covered gigs for the BBC and several magazines.

Sammy also devised and curated the London Jazz Platform - a new event for London showcasing UK and European talent as well as acts from the US in an all day rolling event. Today, she curates the Jazz Repository, a private collection of 58,000 jazz recordings. 

”Women in Jazz”, her fifth book follows the successful  'All That's Jazz' published in 2017.

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