Announcing "Women in Jazz" by Sammy Stein

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the upcoming release of Sammy Stein's, "Women in Jazz: The Women, The Legends & their Fight" for September 27, 2019. Available for advance ordering - 20% off -HERE-


WOMEN IN JAZZ by Sammy Stein

This book is all about women in jazz. It charts their journeys, celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more. These are their stories; their views of jazz and how they see the future. The established performers share their years of experience whilst those newer to jazz reflect on observations and changes they have seen.

Containing interviews and first-hand accounts, this book is witness to the generosity, profundity and positivity with which women have responded and the energy they have put into their lives in overcoming challenges.

268 pages | 5.83" x 8.27' | 56 Photos | ISBN 978-1-926716-55-8(pbk.) | US $24.99 CAN $33.99 UK £19.99 


Bessie Smith ¤ Billy Holiday ¤ The International Sweethearts of Rhythm ¤ Hazel Scott ¤ Maxine Sullivan ¤ Sarah Vaughan ¤ Ella Fitzgerald ¤ Melba Liston ¤ Nina Simone ¤ Alice Coltrane ¤ Aretha Franklin 

Carla Bley ¤ Emma Acton ¤ Arema Arega ¤ Gretchen Bennett ¤ Beverley Bierne ¤ Grace Black ¤ Amanda Bloom ¤ Jane Ira Bloom ¤ Patti Boulaye ¤ Sarah Gail Brand ¤ Jane Bunnett ¤ Terri Lyne Carrington ¤ Trish Clowes ¤ Kim Cypher ¤ Mimi Fox ¤ Debbie Gifford ¤ Jenny Green ¤ Florence Halfon ¤ Jo Harrop ¤ Barb Jungr ¤ Joelle Khoudry ¤ Wendy Kirkland ¤ Georgia Mancio ¤ Claire Martin ¤ Indira May ¤ Tina May ¤ Faye Patton ¤ Carmela Rappazzo ¤ Anthea Redmond ¤ Alicia Renee ¤ Emily Saunders ¤ Gail Tasker ¤ Ellie Thompson ¤ Camille Thurman ¤ Ruby Turner