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Borrowed Memories by Mark Foss - Book Trailer 

Mighty Books Podcast: Ryan Oliver interviews Steve Schlam 

The Harvesting of Haystacks Kane - Promo Video

Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - Part IV: Creativity (Con't)

Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - Part III: Stalin & Angels


Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - Part II: Creativity vs. Alignment


Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - Part I: Canadiana


An Anthology of East African Literature: The Book


"Don't Expect the Sun to Shine - A Wake for Robin Blaser" Teaser Video


The Book: "Women in Jazz" by Sammy Stein


Jazz Flashes interviews Sammy Stein


Kim Cypher on Sammy Stein's "Women in Jazz"


Godless Engineer interviews Craig Wells on "The Blasphemous Bible"


Jazz Matters on Sammy Stein & "Women in Jazz"


Jason Price Everett reads from "The War of Nonexistent Women"


Claudia Serea reads from "Twoxism" at the Bryant Park Reading Room


Announcing The Blasphemous Bible


Empire Burlesque by Charles Talkoff


Behind the Scenes - To Russia With Love


AUTHORS AT HOME - Darren C. Demaree, Not for Art nor Prayer, Part I

8th House Collaborations II


To Russia with Love - by Damian Siqueiros


"Seven Syrians" by Diego Cupolo


8th House Collaborations I


The Midas Touch - Naked Short Selling and Counterfeit Trading


Darren C. Demaree "As We Refer to our Bodies"


"Spoilers" by Mark Foss


Claudia Serea - "A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky"


"Unfictions" by Jason Price Everett


"Crossing to Tadoussac" by Frederick E. Bryson

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'Maple Vedas' by Gandhar K. Chakravarty


"Kolkata Dreams" by Gandhar K. Chakravarty