Women in Jazz - Now Available at your Favourite Book Shop

This book is about women in jazz. It charts their journeys, celebrates their presence, hears their voices, wonders at their prowess and revels in their being. We hear from female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR people, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers and more. These are their stories; their views of jazz and how they see the future. The established performers share their years of experience whilst those newer to jazz reflect on observations and changes they have seen. 

Containing interviews and first-hand accounts, this book is witness to the generosity, profundity and positivity with which women have responded and the energy they have put into their lives in overcoming challenges.


"... the book reads like skipping stones on a pond: one eye-opening narrative leads to a fascinating historical photo that leads to priceless quotes and offbeat reference sources, keeping the reader hungry for the next surprise Stein will veer off to. Issues like whether misogyny in jazz is still with us, equal gig opportunities/equal pay (Jane Ira Bloom refers to “the phone calls you don’t get”) and even things like “the physicality of lugging all the gear around and coping with the whole lifestyle of being on the road” as described by Kim Cypher are all refreshing perspectives on the challenges of being a female artist. Stein widens her net by including the impressions of record executives, radio hosts and others who have built their lives around jazz." 

--Debbie Burke, "Sammy Stein Grabs the Mic with the New Book WOMEN IN JAZZ"