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PERESTROIKA: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth by João Cerqueira
398 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 | ISBN 978-1-926716-77-0(pbk.) 

In the turbulent landscape of an alternate Europe lies the captivating tapestry of "Perestroika," a literary masterpiece that weaves together the threads of revenge, redemption, and catharsis against the backdrop of an imaginary country called Slavia. With a masterful narrative, this novel stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity in the face of political upheaval.

Finalist for the 2021 Eyland Awards, Finalist for Fiction Factory Chapter Novel Competition 2022, finalist in the 2023 Latino Book Awards, and winner of the 2023 HFC European Book of the Year

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348 pages | 5.25" x 8" | ISBN 978-1-926716-70-1

607-lb, open-hearted, lepidopterist Herschel "Haystacks Kane", is a professional wrestler who just wishes to be left alone with his butterflies. Now laid out in a hospital bed in a coma after a match, they come to him one by one and thinking him deaf and oblivious on what is most probably his death bed, they pour out their confessions, their secrets and gripes.

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AN ANTHOLOGY OF EAST AFRICAN LITERATURE edited by Beatrice Lamwaka & Joshua Mali
344 pages | 6" x 9' | ISBN 978-1-926716-61-9

"This is not just a collection of poems and short stories; it is a granary of artistic abundance! For here, will you find a rich variety of masterfully crafted pieces in a range of style, including those that draw from the African oral storytelling tradition. It is a montage of pieces of literary art, curated in a manner that allows for the ‘strict grammarian’ forms of expression to coalesce with those given to poetic licentiousness."

300+ pages, 50+ contributors, 10+ countries

Whichever your favourite genre is, this anthology of East African literature has delivered something that has not been served to readers in many years. It is a fitting gift to the lovers of literary art in this first quarter of the 21st century.

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WOMEN IN JAZZ - Special edition by Sammy Stein
372 pages | 6.5" x 9.5' | ISBN 978-1-926716-71-8 (hardcover.) | US $59 UK £48

Dive into the captivating world of jazz with "Women in Jazz" by Sammy Stein, a groundbreaking book that shines a spotlight on the incredible contributions of women in this beloved genre. This special edition book containing both "Women in Jazz: The Women, the Legends & their Fight" and "In Their Own Words" by Sammy Stein in one hardcover volume, takes readers on an inspiring journey through the lives and stories of female agents, arrangers, composers, musicians, PR professionals, radio hosts, record label managers, singers, writers, and more.



196 pages | 5.25" x 8" | ISBN 978-1-926716-74-9

In a remote village of Laos, rival gangs plot to seize control of the land and exploit its resources for their own gain. But when their plans are threatened by Sithana's appearance, a deadly chain of events is set in motion that will test the limits of loyalty, courage, and love. As tensions rise and alliances shift, a web of corruption and deceit is revealed, and the villagers must band together to fight for their way of life. 



DON'T EXPECT THE SUN TO SHINE - A Wake for Robin Blaser
by Richard Rathwell & Harold Rhenisch
178 pages | 203mm x 203mm | ISBN 978-1-926716-64-0 (pbk.) 

"A fitting tribute to Robin Blaser, his life’s work, and his influence on Canadian poetry. “Don’t Expect the Sun to Shine: A Wake for Robin Blaser” is a must-read for poetry enthusiasts and those interested in the intersection of literature and art."

This book is a response to ongoing literary trends: the treatment of words as images in art writing; the evolution of criticism as a form of creativity; and contemporary literary narrative that treats fiction as the greatest truth. In Don’t Expect the Sun to Shine, Rathwell and Rhenisch turn time back into space: We want readers to wander around wherever they like. We don’t control their hike. Their biological history does that. We are just hosting a party, so they can meet. — Harold Rhenisch