Haystacks Kane is a 607-pound professional wrestler and dedicated butterfly collector. He’s been preyed upon, his innate kindness and gentle good nature harvested by unscrupulous promoters and conniving managers; an ex-wife who keeps him on the hook for alimony; fellow denizens of the sordid netherworld he inhabits; and the raucous ravenous crowds with a thirst for violent cheap thrills.  
  Now, gravely injured and unable to speak in the wake of his disastrous encounter in the ring with his archrival and nemesis Valentino, he lies motionless in his hospital bed (indeed, two beds lashed together), immobilized, his body broken.  Fighting for his very life, he drifts in and out of consciousness seeking to uncover the deeper truth of his existence, rummaging through the trunk of his memories to discover exactly what it is--the it that has deprived him of his wife, taken every member of his family from him, laid him low, and the it that will release him from the bonds of his history and transport him to the Eden  he dreams of:  Greece, Rhodes, the Valley of the Butterflies known as Petaloudes, where he can live as his true self at last, in peace and tranquility amid “the sound of butterflies.”


344 pages | 5 x 8 | ISBN 978-1-926716-70-1