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Joao Cerqueira's "PERESTROIKA - An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth" is a favorite with readers with a 4.42 star rating on Goodreads so far.

Read Amanda Taft's 5-star review: “Perestroika" is a historical fiction novel that provides thrilling insights into the late Communist era. The book opens in 1978 and introduces citizens of Slavia like artist Ludwig Kirchner, struggling to survive in concentration camps, whilst the terrifying elites of the regime live in luxury and moral depravity. It all changes in 1989, with Perestroika. In the revolutionary turmoil, former crime boss Ivan Fiorov leads the newly formed 'Freedom Party', heralding a wave of insecurity that resembles the previous dictatorship.

Revenge, redemption and catharsis collide head on with recent European history. With Putin's invasion of Ukraine, alongside a resurgence of populist leaders and neo-Nazi movements across the world, Perestroika is as much a lens into the present as an exciting epitome for the past.”

I read this book on the Pigeonhole app, one stave per day over 11 days, commenting along with other readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, my first ever novel on this subject. It’s hard to imagine living through such brutally hard times and even when ‘democracy’ arrived it was really much of the same. I loved the author’s writing style which reminded me of Ken Follett’s with its many characters and interlacing storylines.

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