"Many villains, no hero..." - Casey Walsh on "Perestroika"

"Perestroika, eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth, is a striking work of historical literary fiction, a fable-like political satire.  
Cerqueira paints a vivid, if terrifying picture of a brutal regime and the characters who struggle against it are drawn with great pathos. He manages to render even the most odious, self-serving among them as vulnerable, human. The author expertly weaves each narrative into a tense fabric of despair and asks, finally, if there is any redemption in revenge or is true forgiveness the only way to peace, both for individuals and a nation.  
A surprise plot twist ties each of the separate, yet intersecting lives of the main characters together in a beautifully poetic way. Readers of political intrigues and Cold War dramas will enjoy this. "

--Casey Walsh – author of the Downs series.

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