God's Wife and the Synonymous X - Released!

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the release of Jesse Chase's first novel, "God's Wife and the Synonymous X'.
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"God’s Wife and the Synonymous X", Jesse Chase's first novel follows the protoganist on his search for a new cultural and literary theory. Finding all of history and culture appropriated by imperialist and racist perspectives inimical to his own self, he must construct his own program of decolonization and dismantle the philosophic mindspace of the inhuman ideologies and oppressive technologies he has inherited.

"A brave, fresh work that champions an ethics of self-recovery and rehabilitation of personal narrative in a world of masks, capitalism and oppression."

God’s Wife and the Synonymous X is the first in a series of three books in different genres: (1) a novel, (2) a book of critical, cultural and literary theory as an assassination attempt on philosophy and the hegemonies; of cultural appropriation by inhuman ideology and oppressive technology, and (3) a treatment of the process of the making of the first two books; as these literary processes are an experiment in the ethics of self-recovery, and recovery of personal narrative in a world of masks, capitalism and oppression.


170 pages | 5.5 x 8 | ISBN 978-1-926716-43-5 | $16.99 | Info Sheet:; pdf, jpg