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JUMP THE DEVIL by Richard Rathwell

Rathwell’s writing is “a fistful of sentences written with the subtlety of a geisha and the terse certainty of stainless steel.” - John Olson, Author

“There must have been a bad bite. Something had gestated. He wasn’t imagining it. There were wet, frozen pebbles tumbling in his veins. There was a sugary sense of euphoria, a smell of orange blossoms, of piss, of diesel.”

Limited Edition, Hardcover, Signed copy, $35.00





The Ministry of Ambiance, Fluffy-eared Generals, Special Agent Automatic Turpentine, Katzenberg’s Super Atomic Piston Ring, Mr. Jellybean and Agency men all vie for your thoughts. Welcome to a post-9/11 paranoid world that would have had Hoover dancing in his closet.

A wild ride through the physics of Katzenberg’s Super Atomic Piston Ring– "a machine that would allow the user to tap into conversations anywhere in the world at any moment in time.”

“Talkoff is . . . a serial killer having his way with the entire body of literature, art, and popular culture.”
- Jed Birmingham, Author, Editor

Limited Edition, Hardcover, Signed copy $45.00 


THE MIDAS TOUCH - by James Cummins & Cameron W. Reed

Counterfeit Stock, Naked Short-Selling & Selling America Short

Authors James Cummins and Cameron W. Reed take us on an exploratory journey into the predatory nature of some of the practices and institutions in the financial industry today. What seems innocently enough as capitalism and greed gone naturally wild in an environment of deregulation, soon appears as deliberate political manoeuvering and close control on an international scale by agents and institutions operating above the law.

Limited Edition, Hardcover, Signed copy $41.00


HYPODROME - by Jason Price Everett - Selected Poems 1990-2010

"Begin anywhere. Stop anywhere. Everything that can possibly be written now is a drop of rain upon its vast syncretic ocean. The interior of this network is the ur -Art: permanent and all-devouring until the power goes out. A universal forced collaboration consuming the individual artist, drowning out spirit and talent alike against the background tone, incorporating everything that can be communicated into that which we do not have a name for yet, as art. Self-induced personalized sequences of aesthetic meaning – arranged at will. Incorporeal tesserae for the personalized mosaic of a deity. This future of our shared media Byzantium is obscenely bright."


Limited Edition, Hardcover, Signed copy, $33.00

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