Geoffrey Alexander Parsons 1985-2012


Geoff was part of a poet's group that met bi-weekly to read at the Argo Bookshop in Montreal. His poems appear in Show Thieves 2010, An Anthology of Contemporary Montreal Poetry. GAP, as some called him, has several unpublished works and a nearly completed manuscript.  - Bob Knight

Excerpt from Hate Poem...

Did I really write

that trite Please

tell me, are my

thoughts my own?

Do I feel?

OR was I taught?

AM I A Product

Or a Producer?

Cool? A loser?

I am a drunk

and A boozer

A habitual Drug user

A Addict to


Addicted to conflict

To contradiction

Unable to tell truth

from fiction

A social affliction

OR A self-deployed invention.

My Own Voice

OR Someone's diction,

the sum of


Hang out on

the outskirts

of the truth

if there is such

A thing.

Looking At it

where does it

start where does

it end if that's

HOW it works

it makes my

brain hurt

unable to sort

So I'll finish


   -- Geoffrey Alexander Parsons