AS WE REFER TO OUR BODIES by Darren C. Demaree

Our bodies, our individual and collective bodies, and the separate bodies that together combine to make our systems, ecological, biological, psychological and technological— these are the bodies that we refer to, these are the bodies that Darren C. Demaree has dance for us on the page; nuanced or naked, dissected, desecrated and decorated; these are the bodies that rise and swell to the touch of the poet’s pen.

"Darren is a dangerous dreamer, concocting love poems to his home state, and pastorals to his true love. But there's always something more beneath the surface: sex and violence, villainy, mutilation, uneasy redemption and troubled ecstasy. These poems are pins pressed deep in the disfigured heart of America. They work a dark magic on the reader — they're unsettling in necessary ways." — Christopher Michel

"As you read through the poems of Darren C. Demaree, his prescient voice seems to grow in volume, each story clambering for more attention than the last. Yet, it isn't that he is screaming from atop the mountain, but that everybody around has infinitely hushed to hear this whispering storyteller who speaks of little moments, glorious moments, moments "where the smooth sheet / of leaves & salt / will sugar us / into the un-lonely air" if each of us, is his guiding star, his sky, his Emily."  —  Mr. & Mrs. Garbanzo (Garbanzo Literary Journal)

“...a dangerous dreamer..."  "unsettling in necessary ways." — Christopher Michel, Author, Editor

5 x 8 | 90 pages | ISBN 978-1-926716-16-9 | $15.88