IN THEIR OWN WORDS, Interviews with Women in Jazz by Sammy Stein

Intimate and revealing interviews with female musicians who have made it on the jazz scene are presented here. Meet some of the greatest female stars and upcoming personalities in the world of jazz. Among these you will find: Selina Albright; Sheila Jordan; Tina May; Isabel Sorling; Ellen Andrea Wang; Silvia Bolognesi; Alison Rayner; Shirley Smart; Mimi Fox; Brandee Younger; Ginetta Vendetta; Taeko Kunishima; Melissa Aldana; Camille Thurman; Millicent Stephenson; Jane Bunnett; Arema Arega; Barb Jungr; Georgia Mancio; Julia Biel; Kitty La Roar

Comments on Sammy’s last book with 8th House include:
"It's all here, beautifully written, eloquently argued, clear-eyed in its intentions and open in its invitation " Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise Magazine
"All That’s Jazz author Sammy Stein’s new book Women in Jazz: The Women, the Legends & Their Fight uses a wide-angle lens to look at how women in a range of different roles have made a life in—and helped shape—jazz. Instead of only focusing on well-known performers, Stein interviewed agents, arrangers, composers, public relations professionals, media members, and more. Her subjects bridge generations (and international boundaries) in an effort to honor the past, assess the present, and point to the future." Emile Manasche, Jazz Times

"The reader is left in no doubt of Sammy’s knowledge and authority on the subject, yet she manages to tackle a challenging topic in a direct, passionate and sincere, yet easily digestible way. The sheer volume and status of the people who have given up their time to help Sammy, both women and men, is testament to the respect Sammy has earned across the industry and the trust people have in her to relay their stories faithfully." —Darren Harper, Jazz Matters

“A fascinating insight into the lives of contemporary jazz women and one that will be read with great interest by jazz enthusiasts of any gender. It really is an intelligent, insightful and consistently entertaining read, a book that either be read from cover to cover or dipped into at random. Even the most casual perusal of the work is guaranteed to unearth a nugget that will intrigue, inform and entertain". —Ian Mann, Jazzmann reviews

“One eye-opening narrative leads to a fascinating historical photo that leads to priceless quotes and offbeat reference sources, keeping the reader hungry for the next surprise Stein will veer off to". —Debbie Burke, jazz critic.

“In her own inimitable way, Sammy Stein has given us a work that will be read, pored over and discussed for quite some time." —Nick Lea, Jazzviews
'What an incredible book ' Phace magazine