MICROECONOMICS - GradeBooster Series by Elijah M. James

Students fail to optimize their grade scores not because they are unfamiliar with the relevant material, but because of their inability to utilize the information they had to solve problems and answer questions.  

The Grade Booster Series (GBS)—Microeconomics is designed to help the student improve his/her grade in Microeconomics. Through the Grade Booster Series you, the student, will better understand the principles and concepts discussed in your textbook. You will be able to apply them to different circumstances and learn how to answer economic questions. You will easily solve test and examination problems. Your confidence in attacking problems will increase and your fear of economics will diminish as you learn to properly organize economic information into answers; and learn a step-by-step procedure to solving economic problems.  

Pedagogical Features

 - The  Grade Booster Series (GBS)—Microeconomics is loaded with exercises. The student gets access to more than 2,250 economics problems/questions with detailed answers and explanations, including 548 essay problems, 624 multiple-choice questions, 590 true/false questions and 405 completion questions.  

 - The Grade Booster Series (GBS)—Microeconomics is keyed to standard Microeconomics textbooks.  Designed to be used in conjunction with any traditional textbook in introductory microeconomics on the market, The GBS-Microeconomics provides a structural key and reference table to assist the student in matching the exercises directly to the course material.