Richard King's "Accounting for Crime" is now available for your Kindle. Download it here.


Charles Talkoff will be reading from his upcoming work at the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, USA.

Get a sneak preview into his upcoming work, "The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover", to be released in early 2012.

Friday, November 4th, 2011. 19:00. Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus, Gillman Hall, Baltimore, USA.


Richard King will be reading from his "Accounting for Crime" at the Books and Breakfast event, October 30th,  at the Sheraton Centre, in downtown Montreal.


Jason Price Everett's piece Intimate Landscapes has been shortlisted for CBC's 2011 Quebec Writing Competition. Find out more about the competition here.

A poem of his, "Pennyante Strychnine," (from his soon-coming collection "Hypodrome") appears in the Spring 2011 issue of CV2 - Contemporary Verse, The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing, vol. 33, issue 4. See it here.


Jason Price Everett is the author of "Unfictions" and soon-coming "Hypodrome".



K. Gandhar Chakravarty, author of "Maple Vedas" and "Kolkata Dreams" is interviewed in South Africa. In the streets of Durban where he performs his music and recites his poetry, he is being hailed a 'Shakespeare' of Canada. Learn about his research into the Nazarites and watch the video here.


Courtesy of SABC-TV NEWS, (c) 2011

Mark Foss's "Spoilers" hits #3 on the Collected Works Best Seller's List


Vote for your favourite cover for "The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover" here.



Jason Price Everett's short story "Sepsis" appears in the Spring Issue of Underground Voices Magazine. Read "Cent ans apres l'exposition"online here.

Jason Price Everett's "Requiem for Ulrike" appears in the Spring/Summer Issue of Brand Magazine. See an excerpt here. Learn more about his novel Unfictions.

Frederick E. Bryson reads from his "Crossing to Tadoussac" at The Grove Park Mall, in Asheville, North Carolina, USA, June 3, 2011.





Auth0r Richard King  joins host Dave Bronstetter for a one-on-one chat about his new book, "Accounting for Crime" on CBC radio's "All In A Weekend". Listen to the interview here.

Watch out for other appeareances cooming soon on CJAD with Anne Lagacé-Dowson in a couple of weeks.

Look for the official launch, May 17, 2011 at Paragraphe Bookstore

17 May · 18:00 - 20:00

Librairie Paragraphe Bookstore
2220 McGill College Avenue
Montreal, Quebec

Listen to the author of SPOILERS read from his upcoming novel.

Rex Beach meets Dr. Locke:
VIDEO Spoilers I - Rex Beach meets Dr. Locke

Dr. Locke FAQ:
VIDEO Spoilers II - Dr. Locke FAQ

Around the Circle:
VIDEO Spoilers III - Around the Circle

Look for the launch advertisement coming soon: May 19, 2011 at Paragraphe Bookstore in downtown Montreal, and May 25, 2011 at Collected Works Bookstore in Ottawa.



At an open-air clinic, the enigmatic twist of Dr. Mahlon Locke sets events into motions that trickle down through time until they become a relentless flood. Punctuated by unforgiving factoids and vintage postcards, Spoilers confronts the fleeting nature of fame, the human impact of progress, and the consequences of choosing art over love.


193 pages 5.25” x 8”
ISBN 978-1-926716-08-4

For more information about Spoilers, please visit
or contact Marion Pynn at (438)764-6624
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Read more: Announcing SPOILERS by Mark Foss

Who says lawyers have all the fun? Richard King’s new novel Accounting for Crime takes you inside the world of business gone right and people gone wrong in a roman a clef that combines intrigue, love triangles, tough talking cops and cold-blooded mobsters.

“King . . . has talent and wit and Montreal.”

- Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

"King’s first novel, That Sleep of Death, “is a tidily written, gripping little mystery.”
- Pat Donnelly, The Gazette


5 x 8 . 308 pages. ISBN 978-1-926716-07-7. $18.88

For information please contact:
Marion Pynn
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(438) 764 • 6624

Read more: Announcing Richard King's "Accounting for Crime"

Rolli's Story of the week at Smokelong Quarterly

Rolli's (Charles Anderson's) story "The Man With the Ridiculously Huge Coupon" wins story of the week at Smokelong Quarterly. Read it here.