Excerpts of Diego Cupolo's "SEVEN SYRIANS"in this month's Canadian Dimension Magazine.

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Diego Cupolo's "Seven Syrians" featured in this month's issue of Global South.

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Claudia Serea featured on "At the Inkwell"

The latest issue of "At the Inkwell" features Claudia Serea in an article, "How a Romanian poet reconciled her identity in a new language" Read it here. Stay tuned for Claudia upcoming readings in New York and New Jersey. See her latest release, "A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky" here.


Announcing “SEVEN SYRIANS: War Accounts from Syrian Refugees” by DIEGO CUPOLO


in association with A HEART FOR SYRIA

Montreal, QC, January 25th, 2014, 6 - 9 PM

272 Bernard Ouest
Montreal, CANADA

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the publication of Seven Syrians: War Accounts from Syrian Refugees by Diego Cupolo.

A book launch will be held in association with A Heart for Syria at Café Matina, on January 25, 2014, 6-9pm. in Montreal, Canada. Proceeds will go to helping provide humanitarian aid to Syrian Refugees.

Seven Syrians by Diego Cupolo

seven syrians - war accounts by syrian refugees by diego cupolo

"A voice is missing from the international debate on the Syrian War. Throughout the conflict, world leaders have focused discussions on chemical weapons and radical fundamentalists while the Syrian people, civilians and refugees remain effectively absent from the conversation. Yet, as the war continues without foreseeable end, the simple truth is Syrians are dying and whether through bombs or sarin gas, the largest portion of the casualties are civilian.”  

8 x 8. 86 pages, ISBN 978-1-926716-26-8. $18.88  (*$2 of your purchase will go directly to the "A HEART FOR SYRIA" a charity organization supplying humanitarian aid to Syrians displaced by the ongoing war. At least twice a month, a container-load of clothing, blankets and medical supplies leave the port of Montreal to help civilians inside Syria. Find out more on how you can help here.)

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SEVEN SYRIANS: War Accounts from Syrian Refugees by Diego Cupolo 86 pages; $18.88. January 2014. Full-Color.

About the Author

Diego Cupolo began his journalism and photography careers in New York City and has continued his work while residing in Montreal, Quebec and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the Latin America regional editor for Global South Development Magazine and works on the road as an independent journalist, having reported on Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile. His written and visual work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Associated Press, The Village Voice, The Australian Times, Discover Magazine, The Argentina Independent and Diagonal Periódico.


A HEART FOR SYRIA a charity organization supplying humanitarian aid to Syrians displaced by the ongoing war. At least twice a month, a container-load of clothing, blankets and medical supplies leave the port of Montreal to help civilians inside Syria. Find out more on how you can help here.

A glowing review of "As We Refer to Our Bodies"...


Domenica Martinello of Concordia University's Soliloquies reviews Darren C. Demaree's "As We Refer to our Bodies". Read the review here


Announcing CLAUDIA SEREA's "A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky"

8th House Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky  by Claudia Serea, a two-time Puschart Prize and Best of the Net  nominee. Available December 2nd. 2013. Reserve your copy today! 

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  • Rutherford, NJ, on January 24.
  • New York, NY, Cornelia Street Cafe on February 27.
  • New York, NY, March 12, KGB Bar in NY.

Written in unsparing, haunting detail, Claudia Serea’s unforgettable A Dirt Road Hangs From the Sky brings to life the horrors of the brutal communist repression in her native Romania in the second part of the 20th century – the prisons, the torture, the barbarous inhumanity— preserving in memory a time that should never be forgotten. She writes: “Tell me, grandma, everything you know / so I can be your mouth when you are gone.” The grief is lasting; memory must serve as justice.

— Charles Rammelkamp, editor of The Potomac Review, author of Fusen Bakudan

Claudia Serea's "A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky" coming soon.

Look for it this December.

Seven Syrians - War Accounts by Diego Cupolo


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As We Refer to our Bodies now on Sale!

Darren C. Demaree's latest collection "As We Refer to our Bodies" is now available. Get your copies here.

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 Announcing the LAUNCH OF“AS WE REFER TO OUR BODIES” by Darren C. Demaree

8th House Publishing is proud to announce the release of Darren C. Demaree’s collection of verse:  “As We Refer to Our Bodies”.

With special guests: Jason Price Everett, John Thomas Menesini and James Little.

308 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
(between Houston and Bleecker)

Sunday, SEPT. 29, 2013, 18:00


Announcing the Launch of “AS WE REFER TO OUR BODIES”  by Darren C. Demaree

308 Bowery, (between Houston and Bleecker)
New York, NY 10012

18:00 SEPT. 29, 2013 

Come help us launch Darren C. Demaree's As We Refer to Our Bodies” with the kick-off it deserves. Sunday, September 29th, 18:00 at the Bowery Club in New York City. Jason Price Everett, our special guest, will also be reading from Hypodrome and his present works-in-progress. The launch will be filmed live by gander.tv! Livestreaming and syndication information to follow. 

Download the Flyer: JPG, PDF.

AWRTOB front sm3

by Darren C. Demaree
93 pages, ISBN 978-1-926716-16-9

Our bodies, our individual and collective bodies, and the seperate bodies that together combine to make
our systems, ecological, biological, psychological and technological—these are the bodies that we refer to,
these are the bodies that Darren C. Demaree has dance for us on the page; nuanced or naked, dissected,
dessecrated and decorated; these are the bodies that rise and swell to the touch of the poet’s pen.


“Darren is a dangerous dreamer, concocting love poems to his home state, and pastorals to his true love. But there’s always something more beneath the surface: sex and violence, villainy, mutilation, uneasy redemption and troubled ecstasy. These poems are pins pressed deep in the disfigured heart of America. They work a dark magicon the reader — they’re unsettling in necessary ways.”   — Christopher Michel

"As you read through the poems of Darren C. Demaree, his prescient voice seems to grow in volume, each story clambering for more attention than the last. Yet, it isn't that he is screaming from atop the mountain, but that everybody around has infinitely hushed to hear this whispering storyteller who speaks of little moments, glorious moments, moments "where the smooth sheet / of leaves & salt / will sugar us / into the un-lonely air"...as if each of us, is his guiding star, his sky, his Emily."          - Mr. & Mrs. Garbanzo (Garbanzo Literary Journal)



Darren C. Demaree's poems have appeared in numerous magazines/journals, including the South Carolina Review, Meridian, The Louisville Review, Cottonwood, The Tribeca Poetry Review, and Whiskey Island. He is the recipient of two Pushcart Prize nominations. He currently lives and writes in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children. 

Jason Price Everett featured on neo:writers

8th House Publishing's Jason Price Everett is featured as July’s neo:anthology Project poet, and speaks to neo: about his work, his process and how the first act of rebellion is coherent communication. See Jason’s poem and interview here.



The Save America Foundation and The Midas Touch

The Save America Foundation reports on Naked Short Selling and The Midas Touch.


Vice Magazine discusses Naked Short Selling and "The Midas Touch"

Vice Magazine discusses Naked Short Selling and "The Midas Touch" by James Cummins and Cameron W. Reed.
Read the article, Naked Short Selling is Real – And It’s F*cking Up Our Economy, here.