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Charles Anderson (Rolli) does it again. In another clever, witty and touching collection, Rolli rollicks again through gardens and cemeteries peopled with dreams, goddesses, characters dead and alive, dukes stricken within gout, gracious skeletons and morose angels.

I have been dreaming
those dreams of meaning
that come from the waters
of dreaming deep
like drowned men
to the gold skin
of the ocean

Company's come. In a ramshackle mansion, meet a family in the same condition—ancient, decayed. There's the brooding Duke, and his
riotous brother. There's Grandam, lost in wilds of herself. There's a vicar, a philosopher, an angel, a ghost or two. And somewhere above them all, in a ruined garret…

“By turns delightfully black, singingly lyrical and/or innocently nonsensical. Here is a poet outside the mainstream with his own refreshingly original voice and bone[s] to pick.” – Gillian Harding-Russell, author of I Forgot to Tell You

Rolli is a writer, illustrator and cartoonist hailing from Saskatchewan. He’s the author of three short story collections – I Am Currently Working On a Novel, God’s Autobio and Dr. Franklin’s Staticy Cat – and Plum Stuff, a book of poems. His cartoons appear regularly in Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, Adbusters and other popular outlets. Visit Rolli’s website – – and follow him on Twitter @rolliwrites.



 ToRussiaWithLoveCoverMock sm

 "To Russia with Love" is how a group of Montreal artists and collaborators answer the phobias arising out of Russia. This is their stand against the recent wave of bigotry and violence and the realization of the moral imperative to not remain passive in the face of hatred and injustice.

Led by visual artist and photographer Damian Siqueiros, "To Russia with Love" portrays iconic gay and lesbian Russians in all of Siqueiros's usual detail and flare. Along with his collaborators, Mr. Siqueiros is passionate in his belief that fighting hatred with hatred is as nonsensical as trying to extinguish a fire with more fire. There is no condemnation for those perpetrating injustice, instead these portraits serve to remind us of the beauty of love and to validate the couples and the identities of our Russian brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.

Damian Siqueiros is a photographer and visual artist. He is the winner of several grants and prizes such as the Public’s choice Scotia Bank Prize 2010 in Montreal’s Art Souterrain. He's exhibited in museums and galleries in Mexico, Spain, Paris, New York (The Gabarron Foundation), Washington D.C. (Art Museum of the Americas), and Canada; and collaborating with international magazines such as Vogue Mexico, Elle, Esquire, Porrua and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens of Montreal.



Set in Montreal, Ensemble takes us through the throes of existential crises as lives and marriages are overturned by a man’s restless yearning. A philosopher is suddenly forced to face the questions he lectures on when they materialize out of the theoretical and into the practical after he falls for a student in his class. Meanwhile his wife, an accomplished musician is left to deal with the disintegration of their marriage and the new silence that descends upon her life as she dissects her husband’s inner workings and confronts the object of his desire. Told in clinical honesty, Ensemble deconstructs love and relationships in the 21st century.

Thomas Phillips is a novelist, composer, and teacher known for the minimalist aesthetic that informs his work. In addition to three novels and two collections of horror stories, he has created music for numerous CD releases, installations, and for collaborations in dance and theater. He is also the author of a scholarly monograph on minimalism and has taught in the disciplines of literature and fine arts at various universities in the US, Québec, and Finland.



Softcover version coming soon! Hardcover available now.

The English Qabalah 2nd. Edition, Complete VOLUME

A learned exposition by one of the world's leading Qabalists, this book takes the reader through an exploratory journey through the English Alphabet and the mystic and even subconscious roots of our development of language throughout history.




"Arielle Queen"--a best-selling, award-winning fantasy series by Michel Levesk, translated into English by Greg Kelm.

Arielle, an ordinary sixteen-year-old, discovers that she must fulfill an ancient prophecy to save humanity. Set in an alter-world where two groups confront demons - the Nocta elves - Arielle must fight the evil creatures and find the one who is fated to fight along side her.

Coming soon: Arielle Queen, Volume I: The Secret Society of Alters




LogicKnowledgeandCriticalThinking sm

We'll be releasing our 2nd academic title through our BabalonBOOKs division! Logic, Knowledge and Critical Thinking by Paul Catanu is a must read for anyone studying the Humanities or wishing for a survey of the history of the development of thought in the Western World. 

Paul Catanu has written on the history of metaphysics, ontology, the history of ancient philosophy, the philosophy of mathematics and logic, pedagogy and the philosophy of the Renaissance. He presently lectures at Champlain College in St-Lambert. Heidegger’s Nietzsche: Being and Becoming, is his first book. Paul is currently working on a research project he is calling the “Ontology of the Image” which traces the dualism of the image and the idea in Western philosophy and civilization, back to Plato.

Jason Price Everett wins Ginosko's 2014 Flash Fiction contest

"Bone Folder," by Jason Price Everett takes the Ginosko Literary Review Flash Fiction Award for 2014. Find out more at the Ginosko Literary Journal. 

Claudia Serea's "The System" appears in Respiro. 

Respiro publishes Claudia Serea's poem in their 22nd issue, "The System". Dedicated to her father, and referencing the Romanian Revolution, it is a beautifully, stark transformative poem perhaps more relevant now than ever. (See also her new sereis of poems published by Connotation Press.)



Apiary Magazine publishes "Nephthysity" by Jason Price Everett

Jason Price Everett gives us another installment of his genius in "Nephthysity" a poem published by Apiary Magazine. Dare to read, you'll be "Like a melanistic jaguar / Resonant with pleasure". 

White Knuckle Press releases Claudia Serea's "The Russian Hat"

White Knuckle Press release Claudia Serea's "The Russian Hat" in their online chapbook of prose poems.

Read it online here

Our 2014 Catalog is now available.

Our new ONIX driven data engines are ready! Download our catalog, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on downloading our ONIX data.


Trouble at the Mellow Pages Library

Check it out: Jason Price Everett, John Thomas Menesini, Karen Lillis and Moon Temple, August 16th, at the Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn, NY.

56 Bogart St # 1S, Brooklyn, NYC

Flash fiction by Claudia Serea

Claudia Serea's 'flash fiction' featured in this summer's issue of Cake Magazine:

The Syrian Refugee Crisis with Diego Cupolo and Rahawa Haile

(June 17, 2014 | Brooklyn, NY, USA) – Join Diego Cupolo freelance journalist, photographer and author of “Seven Syrians: War Accounts From Syrian Refugees” and Rahawa Haile for a presentation and discussion on the Syrian Conflict, June 17th, 2014 19:00 at the WORD Bookshop, 126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Join the facebook event here.
"A voice is missing from the international debate on the Syrian War. Throughout the conflict, world leaders have focused discussions on chemical weapons and radical fundamentalists while the Syrian people, civilians and refugees remain effectively absent from the conversation. Yet, as the war continues without foreseeable end, the simple truth is Syrians are dying and whether through bombs or sarin gas, the largest portion of the casualties are civilian.”

The book presents the personal experiences of seven Syrian refugees, providing readers with eyewitness accounts of the protests that led to the Syrian war, the violence that followed, and the journeys undertaken by thousands of civilians to flee their homeland in search of safety in neighboring countries. Photo portraits of the storytellers glare back from the book's pages as tales of impossible struggles unfold and bring attention to the most serious refugee crisis the world has seen in 20 years.

SEVEN SYRIANS: War Accounts from Syrian Refugees by Diego Cupolo; 86 pages; $18.88. January 2014. Full-Color.

*$2 of your purchase will go directly to the A HEART FOR SYRIA, a charity organization supplying humanitarian aid to Syrians displaced by the ongoing war. At least twice a month, a container-load of clothing, blankets and medical supplies leave the port of Montreal to help civilians inside Syria. 

About the Author
Born in Mexico City to Italian parents, Diego Cupolo began his journalism and photography careers in New York City and has continued his work while residing in Montreal, Quebec and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He serves as Latin America regional editor for Global South Development Magazine and works on the road as an independent journalist, having reported on Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile. His written and visual work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Associated Press, The Village Voice, The Australian Times, Discover Magazine, Canadian Dimension Magazine and Diagonal Periodico. Visit his web site for more information:

A HEART FOR SYRIA is a charity organization supplying humanitarian aid to Syrians displaced by the ongoing war. At least twice a month, a container-load of clothing, blankets and medical supplies leave the port of Montreal to help civilians inside Syria. Find out more on how you can help at: A Heart For Syria Organization

Reading / Discussion Event:

The WORD Bookshop,
126 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, New York.
19:00, June 17 2014

Claudia Serea's prose poems

"The dark silhouette of a house" by Claudia Serea featured in Cease, Cows. See it here:

Abyss and Apex feature Darren C. Demaree

Darren C. Demaree's "A Brief Suspension of History" featured in the latest issue of Abyss and Apex - Magazine of Speculative Fiction. See it here:

"The Collector Clouds" by Claudia Serea

Claudia Serea's prose poems "The Collector Clouds" featured in the January issue of Narrative Northeast. See it here:

Author DIEGO CUPOLO presents his "SEVEN SYRIANS-War Accounts from Syrian Refugees" at Concordia University, Montreal, CANADA at 16:00 Monday, April 28th, 2014.

Join freelance journalist, photographer, the Latin America editor of The Global South Development Magazine, and author of Seven Syrians: War Accounts From Syrian Refugees, published by 8th House Publishing for a presentation and discussion on the Syrian Conflict.

Concordia University,
Hall Building H-1220,
Montreal, CANADA
16:00 Monday, April 28th, 2014.

The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series & Claudia Serea, March 19, NYC

The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series is pleased to announce that our reading scheduled for Wednesday, March 19th will feature Claudia Serea, Allan M. Jalon, and Eamon Loingsigh. 
The Back Room @ Jimmy's No. 43 - 43 East 7th Street, New York City, NY

A stellar review of Claudia Serea's "A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky"

A stellar review of Claudia Serea's "A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky" appears in the Ragazine. Read Barbara Rosenthal's review here:

Toasted Cheese Literary Journal reviews "As We Refer to our Bodies"

Another great review of Darren C. Demaree's "As We Refer to our Bodies": Shelley Carpenter's review of Darren's latest work is featured in the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Read the full interview here:

Ovenbird Poetry hits the scene

Darren C. Demaree and Christopher Michel introduce Ovenbird Poetry. Check it out:

Ben Ladouceur on Jeremy Hanson-Finger's 'Saintliness/Slowdive'

Ben Ladouceur discusses Jeremy Hanson-Finger's Saintliness/Slowdive in his blog on literature:

Smoking Glue Gun, Darren C. Demaree and "We are Arrows #2"

Smoking Glue Gun publishes Darren C. Demaree's "We Are Arrows #2". Read it here:

The Bad Version and Darren C. Demaree

"The Bad Version" showcases two poems by Darren C. Demaree. See them here:

OpenBookToronto interviews Jeremy Hanson-Finger

OpenBookToronto interviews Jeremy Hanson-Finger. Read it here:

Jason Price Everett featured in "The Apiary Literary Magazine"

The Apiary Literary Magazine features Jason Price Everett's "Chengdu Afternoon". Read it here:

Darren C. Demaree featured in "The Squawk Back Journal"

Darren C. Demaree's "Adorations No. 172 $ 174 appears in The Squawk Back Journal. Get your copy today!

Frostwriting features 3 poems by Darren C. Demaree

Frostwriting Issue 11 features 3 poems by Darren C. Demaree