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Mission statement: To rejuvenate and promote Montreal poetics in the new century.

Declaration de resolution: Rajeunir et promouvoir la poésie de Montréal dans le nouveau siècle.

SHOW THIEVES: The Montreal Poetry Anthology 2010


The Midas TouchWS

"On September 23, 2008 the three most powerful men in the American economy sat before the Senate Banking Committee to defend their plan to save the US from another Great Depression... ...This is the unknown story of how the worst economic crisis in of the last century came to pass, and the people who saw it coming only to suffer the sinister attacks of unknown criminals against their property, identity and their families. This book is about how naked shorts are counterfeiting the stocks of corporations around the world, deflating stock prices and enriching the unethical worldwide."

The Midas Touch by Cameron Reed and James Cummins




Also coming soon:

Maple Vedas by K. Gandhar Chakravarty.

Detritus and Hypodrome by Jason Price Everett

Avarice by Richard King

Opening Night by Emery Moreira

... and more!


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