CRAIG WELLS was brought up in a strict 7th Day Adventist family.  His questions about God and religion were shot down as wrong, blasphemous and sinful. At first, he believed it. It wasn't until his teenage years that Craig began to doubt if God even existed.  Around his early twenties, he became agnostic, leaning towards atheist.  He still admits there may or be not a God, but highly doubts it. At the age of twenty five, he decided to read the Bible for himself.  What he discovered amazed him. As a way to challenge Christians to read the Bible and possibly even prove that God does exist and is worth devotion, he decided to rewrite the Bible. The Blasphemous Bible was created. It contains many stories, verses, and 'facts' that the Bible contains, but points out the obvious wickedness, cruelties, atrocities, and overall unbelievable fallacies the Bible chronicles. Mr. Wells now lives in Oshawa, but plans to move near Kingston to take care of his ill mother.


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