CRAIG WELLS was brought up in a strict 7th Day Adventist family.  His questions about God and religion were shot down as wrong, blasphemous and sinful. His teenage years had him doubting if God existed at all. He became agnostic in his early twenties while leaning heavily toward atheism. At the age of twenty-five, he decided to study the Bible for himself and as a means of challenging Christians to read the books and possibly force them to consider the harder questions and contradictions contained therein, he decided to rewrite the Bible. Years of indefatigable work later, The Blasphemous Bible was created. All the many stories, verses, and ‘facts’ contained in the Bible are here rewritten with no apology for the  obvious wickedness, cruelties, atrocities, and overall unbelievable fallacies it may be said to chronicle. Mr. Wells now lives near Kingston where he provides cares to his ailing mother.


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